The end of the world is an actual place on the campus of Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont.
The way the campus is set up, there is this beautiful lawn with the student houses on either side of it. At the head of the lawn is the building known as "Commons", and at the opposite end is the area known as the end of the world. It's breathtaking. It truly looks like you could be looking out across the edge of nothingness, the way the lawn drops off sharply, and with all the mountains around.
Common activities one may find going on at the end of the world:
... and the list goes on ...

The end of the world is commonly believed to be where many very powerful lines of energy cross, and hence some extremely strange things have been known to happen off the end of the world where no one can see (unless you step over the stone wall and see that there is indeed actual ground there, albeit at a sharp angle).