The snot coming out of my nose is the same color as the background of my e2 theme. Guess which theme i'm using!

Coupled with my current lack of employment, the sickbed is an enlightening experience. My field of view has narrowed from the Seattle metro area to the street map pin-prick that is my Capitol Hill apartment. The enforced isolation only adds to the sense of unreality that a good head cold brings. All of this business is combining to pack my nose with something besides mucus; the odor of possibility.

It's time for a change, and I'm talking geographically here. My mind's eye is occupied by a map of the continental US, pins stuck in cities of interest. Atlanta, Boston, LA, DC, even our beleaguered and beloved NYC. It's terribly tempting to just sell my shit, buy an iBook, point my bike south, and just go. It's still warm in the south part of the country, and $4,000 has a lot of go. Anything to avoid another afternoon of watching the soaps.