A bar in downtown Olympia. On 4th ave.

A smoky, usually dim, dive. Local lore pegs that date of it's establishment as "forever ago". The inside is done in classic middle-period-dive-bar with a strong Marilyn Monroe bend. At a varying interval, the interior walls are painted over, producing an interesting onion-skin of paint and thick layers of smoky residue. Bears a strong resemblance to The Cha-Cha in Seattle.

Popular local legend has it that two of the bartenders, specifically Marcy and her Mom, are the inspiration for Marge's sisters on The Simpsons. Evidence for this theory: Matt Groening, while attending The Evergreen State College, was said to be a Ben Moore's regular. And as anyone who's attempted to get a drink from Marcy or her Mom for the first time will attest to, their temperament at least matches if not exceeds that of the sisters de Marge. The chain-smoking helps, too.

Know by a wide range of nick-names; Bend-Over's, BM's, Bowel-Movement's, ect.

Attracts several narrow-but-dissimilar ranges of patrons. while The Reef is populated exclusively by alcoholics and wanna-bes, and everyone hits the Highclimber Lounge, Ben Moore’s patrons tend to fall in one of two groups; hipsters and state politicians. With a narrow wedge of hangers-on.

Guarded by a wood framed mostly-glass door with a deceptively light pull. Ben Moore's newbies are easily spotted by the distinctive crash as they exit the bar, pushing far too hard on the outward-opening door which has no stopping mechanism. Certain embarassing exceptions to this exist, such as this one.

They serve food in the back during the day, but seeing the inside of Ben Moore's in the daylight always leaves me feeling vaguely guilty.

Like so many other things in Olympia; dependable, regular, insular, and consistent. also capable of being cold, spiteful, and cruel for no apparent reason.

A lot like home.