it must be the prozac.

or maybe its all that food
she's been eating. shouldn't
give a girl too much food;
she might start taking life
as her own.

i'm finally happy. and in all reality, perhaps i have less of a reason to be than i was depression. few, if any, in my class are more than mere 'peers'; lower grades show more promise, if just for the mere fact of a greater pool of students.

you know, you were a heck of a lot nicer before you started all this

(but. its okay.) and, i don't let that bother me. (too much.) because:
  • i'm worth just as much at 100% of my target weight than i am at any other percentage.
  • it's not okay to believe anyone, or anything, that says that its my fault if it isn't.
  • my body looks much better when my bones aren't hurting people.
  • it's becoming a nice feeling to have guys whistle and notice me. breasts and curves and smiles are much more fun than death.
  • this is my body, and its mine for the long run.
  • are you sure you're not going overboard with this?
    i think you're making it out to be a bigger deal than it really is.

    and kate was right all along, as if we had any doubt.
    "senior year should not be spent with one's head over a toilet."

    man, i'd be full if i ate all those calories, too -
    i only eat about 1/3 of that a day. but some of us
    actually want to look good in jeans, so that's okay.

    i'm getting better.

    you're doing so well, lisa.
    i'm so proud of you.
    i love you.

    and i know what to believe.