Yay for me, at least on this end.

This is the first time I’ve been truly happy in a while, I could attribute it to many things but I think it’s just the fact that I’ve gotten my life in order. Tonight at DBT we covered interpersonal effectiveness, which entails making sure that our personal objectives are met, making sure that we keep healthy relationships, and self-respect. I feel much more able to work on these things now, which is insanely empowering.

On another note, all noders who live in Pittsburgh: how does a meetup sound? Frisina and I have been throwing around the idea of a bash after finals are over (Pitt is done second week in December) ? We’re in the process of finding a suite for us to crash at, as my teeny dorm and his teeny apartment wouldn’t fit more than three people comfortably. If you’d be up for it (and/or know any noders that might), just send me a /msg.