fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you cool, fuck you!

Is this the answer to our problems? Of course not. No more than anything else.

I'm still insanely pissed at the world in general for the latest act of idiocy, the senseless murder of Daniel Pearl. Discussing the impact of this on international relations between the US and Pakistan, my teacher brought up the subject of the videotape recently delivered to Pakistani officials which was then given to US officials.

"I wonder which news station will buy the rights to it and how much money they'll pay for it"
"Oh, come on, Mr. Ohm, no one would do such a thing, They just couldn't."

All he did was raise his eyebrow at me, the eternal skeptic.

Someday everyone will realize that it's not "us" vs. "them". That it's us vs. us.

My prayers to both Daniel and to his family that he left behind, especially his expectant wife.