A comedy heavy metal band who took their name from their home town of Macclesfield in northern England. They formed in 1981 and finally broke up in 1995 after a string of albums which were reasonably successful in the UK but left them almost completely unknown in any other country. Their lyrics were either outrageously funny or outrageously offensive, depending on your viewpoint. Many of them were about sex, alcohol or both, and contained lots of swear words and local slang which was probably incomprehensible to many people outwith their local area, let alone outside the UK. Their concerts were known for incidents of violence and they were banned from playing in many venues.

Whether you love them, hate them or (more likely) have never heard of them, their contribution to music was unique and their macho, hard-drinking, sexist image was never intended to be taken seriously, though many people still did. Those who have encountered Viz magazine need look no farther to get an idea of their style of humour.

They released 8 major albums:

Additionally, several re-releases, compilations and anthologies appeared after their demise.