Well I thought it was already as heavy as can be
Tell everybody waitin' for Superman
that they should try to hold on as best they can

Wayne Coyne wrote this song about his father's battle with cancer, which took his life in 1997. It's a fantastic song, which rings especially true for me -- my mother died in 1998 from cancer. There's not much else to be said about it, I think, except that I agree that the song is good enough to draw itself out into a stronger statement than one about the terrible personal circumstances it comes from. And yet it does this without losing any of the impact of being about a definite set of happenings and feelings...

A few words from Coyne about the song:

"When these powerful things happen in your life, sometimes I think people don't want to revisit them or reflect on them too much because, I don't know, it sort of paralyzes them, or it just plain makes them sad. And it didn't for me...

"There was something that drew me to it, having this sort of philosophical, yet sort of personal, bent to the Superman -- the hero in it -- not being able to save the day, but still we're gonna have to survive and that it's gonna have to be all right anyway.

"I don't know if it was me wanting to put my life into the songs, or if these things just came along, and it seemed easy to be able to talk about things that were personal to me but really are things that are going to happen to everybody."