Conceptually funny, but the implementation lacks oomph. While yerricde's version is much more professional than the original, both versions suffer from the ultimate flaw that the Orinoco Flow background has no punch to it.

Contrast with the Evolution Control Committee's Whipped Cream Mixes, which are an impeccable and hilarious layering of Public Enemy's Chuck D rapping over Herb Alpert instrumentals. The first song starts with a spoken intro from an A&R rep introducing a new work by Alpert. The song starts, a simple Alpert opening. A few bars into the song right as the listener wonders why you are playing them Herb Alpert, Chuck D busts out with a loud, in-your-face "Yes!" and on into the song (the vocals are taken from the song Rebel Without a Pause) and invariably the listener gets a huge grin. The contrast between the two pieces of music is sharp, whereas Eminenya has pretty much all of its impact in the title.

The Whipped Cream Mixes can be found at