I've read a plethora "meaningful" quotes in my life. Tens of thousands possibly. Some were funny, some sad, some were just strange; but not a single one changed a single thing about my life - or at least I never felt any different for having read them. That changed a couple of days ago. I refreshed the Everything Quote Server and it was there, staring me in the face.

Wise men talk because they have something to say, fools; because they have to say something.


What can I say? It struck a chord somewhere within me. I had to stop and think when I read it, whereas every other time i had just kept hitting refresh to see what came next. I realized that all of my writing had become meaningless fluff, that all I was doing was trying to recapture a sense of purpose I lost so long ago. I started writing back when I thought I would actually be someone in a year's time. I thought that my little struggles in day-to-day life were important, and not just to me...

I'm not special. I never was.

So I opened up my big book of writing, and I wrote this over the page that I had left for the table of contents. (Rather ambitious, no? A table of contents on what turned out to be little more than a glorified journal.) I added one (final) page of writing, then I tore all the blank pages out from the back - and I don't intend to start another, not for a long time at least. The only reason I didn't burn the thing is so it can serve as a reminder of what happens when you don't remember why you started writing in the first place. A reminder that I don't have any great message, and that I learnt something from that book - humility.

I joined E2 recently, a mere two days ago now. None of you know me, but I know all of you (I'm one of your biggest fans). Ive read all about you. I have admired all of you from a distance for more than 6 months. I couldn't believe jessicapierce actually /msg'd me within an hour of me logging in. I practically fainted from shock! I finally gave in to the temptation of this place - somewhere I can write, on actual topics, for no other reason than for writing itself. I admire what this project is, and I admire you all for your contributions. I'm an addict who only just signed up. And now I offer you this, my first contribution.

I'm still learning, if I do anything wrong then please /msg me.