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What goes here?

reviews of free sites? i don't care

stories and poems - dreams and ideas? maybe i care

emotional content that fills the void? bringing love to the loveless? i am there

stories of my father? who i miss? who's no longer here? i am here

why here? why not here? why not elsewhere? i can get there from here

family's not here

one day at work you visit a technical website and a question posted catches your eye because of the unusual request - how to build an unusually sophisticated search engine query designed to find web pages with an extremely unusual combination of words - and an even more unusual set of sample results there are 2 replies to this post - the first is a technical response to the problem - at the bottom of the solution there's a note "I'm unsure why I'm replying to something this pointless, even if it is fun..." - and the second one - more omniously - "Dear god, it's made its way here too. Is no one safe? I pray for humanity"

out of curiousity you take the search terms and give it a try - and the pages you get back don't seem to match the results that were claimed - you modify the query string - removing a piece that to you seems clearly out of place - and this time your search results match 90% with those that were claimed.

you look more closely at the page results - you are startled by the domains and the titles of the pages of the sites that you've found with the query. you can't quite believe what you've uncovered - or what it is exactly that you've found.