It’s so easy to be a man

One more woman. One more drink. One more dirty joke. One more bar stool with one more broken leg. One more old man who in this space of men-as-men can pitch love into the trash bin.

It may be cheap, but it’s real this real room. But let’s keep this simple. I don’t want to alarm you.

And maybe you’re right about that woman next to you. On bed or bar stool much the same. What’s the price
of a drink?
or goodnight?

Slapping flesh on flesh grunt groan slick quick. There are no words here. No pornography Picasso.

But you’re still writing in the middle of the night, old man. Those obnoxious insects. Don’t beauty just sting you like a rough hand on your back.

Your gin-eyed laugh makes me want to wear clothes, but you are sadder naked.