I don't have the inclination to talk to people whose chief mode of discussion involves spewing Biblical quotes out of context. It seems to me that whoever wrote the answers to the godhatesfags.com faq doesn't have the reflective capacity to be anything other than a well-trained parrot. However, among the many glaring contradictions in this person's account, one just chews me to the bone: that is, his assertion that "We don't hate fags; God hates fags." As if a hatemonger as pedantic and stubborn as this one has no personal involvement in anything he says. This comment is particularly bad considering that in the same breath, the writer asserts that he is in fact called upon to hate everyone who God hates--but that this is a "perfect spiritual hatred," rather than "fickle human hatred".

The only way to reconcile the contradiction would be to regard the writer as inhuman.

Which doesn't seem that far off to me.