We strapped schoolchildren to a huge wheel and hypnotized them; monitoring them as they entered a collective, meditative state. It seems all of us had been subjected to this as kids--it was part of the social fabric.

In another part of the dream, I found an ancient Egyptian temple. I ran my fingers over the stones; one of them sunk into the wall, revealing a hidden doorway. I entered into a room made entirely of glass, overlooking Nuremberg. It was full of Jewish refugees, who eyed me fearfully.

I heard sounds outside. The temple filled with American tourists. Their chatter and laughter shook the walls. I ran into the throng, as the bricks caved in around me. The dirt floor flooded suddenly with blood and seawater.

Then there was nothing but ocean and I clung to a rock, as the water grew higher and higher.

Hmmmm. Biblical, I think.