Magnetic Fields album released in 1993 on Merge Records.

In addition to writing all the songs, Stephin Merritt also provided all the vocals on this one. Conceived as a concept album, it is entirely composed of songs about/inspired by weary highways and abandoned back roads, the great open road.


  1. Lonely Highway
  2. Long Vermont Roads
  3. Born on a Train
  4. I Have the Moon
  5. Two Characters in Search of a Country Song
  6. Crowd of Drifters
  7. Fear of Trains
  8. When the Open Road is Closing In
  9. Sunset City
  10. Dust Bowl

Even though all the songs fit together very well as an album, I personally think it lacks the sheer variety that made 69 Love Songs so great.

It is, however, the perfect album for driving at night with the windows rolled down.