i know i promised more factual nodes. but after what i wrote in my sunday daylog, there's no way i can not node this.
Yesterday. Halloween night. me, her, my friend dave and her friend melissa all go to the AMC Glenn Lakes to see The Nightmare Before Christmas while it's in re-release. we were trying to get to the 7:30 but missed it and hung out and ate at Cafe Brazil until the 9:30.

after the show we all go back to her house. she lives near a park. we walked down to it. everybody else plays on the playground equipment but i'm not in the mood for it. i walk over to a nearby pond and just watch the water shimmer under the surreal orange glow only found in the skies of cities with phosphorus streetlights. eventually everybody else joins me. we walk back to her house. melissa leaves. mine and dave's cars were at my work so we head there.

i use my id badge to get us in to use the restroom. we end up just hanging out in my cube. she shows me how to do a cartwheel and draws a butt with a piece of broccoli sticking out of it on my dry-erase board.

1:30am. dave leaves.

Denny's? Sure

on the way to Denny's i decide that it's too wonderful of a night to be inside and just keep driving. we end up at another park. there are no swings so we end up just sitting on the tailgate of my truck, talking about nothing in particular. we end up both lying down, staring up at the cloudy sky. a chill wind starts blowing. it starts raining lightly. she says i'm going to get close to you for warmth and snuggles up against me. i put my arm around her. we keep talking. she puts her arm around me. we run out of things to say. silence but not uncomfortable or awkward. we lay there on our sides, facing each other. her head nuzzled in my chest. i feel her fingers rubbing on my back. i summon up every little bit of courage i've got.

Is this platonic?

her fingers stop moving.

she looks up at me.

a pause that's almost too long.

she rubs her nose against mine. and she kisses me.

Will the Night Last Forever?

we stay out in that parking lot untill 4:30. until i have to drop her off at her car and drive back to Denton just in time to shower and go to work.