or "say goodbye to your drip coffee maker for good"

i've never been much of a coffee fan. personally, tea is much more my thing. but i have to admit that Cafe Du Monde's Coffee and Chicory is rather tasty on the rare occasion i'm in the mood for it. recently, on a whim, i made an impulse buy of a coffee press with which to make my coffee. i'm never switching back.

the coffee press itselft is elegantly simple. all it really is is a glass pitcher with a lid, the lid has attatched to it a screened plunger. here's how you make coffee with a coffee press:

  1. put coffee grinds into the pitcher. use only coarse ground coffee or you'll plug up the screen or the grinds will not be filtered out.
  2. pour in hot water
  3. put on the lid but leave the plunger up. let sit about 4 minutes.
  4. stir the coffee, then with slow and gentle pressure push the plunger down.
  5. Congratulations! you have coffee! the grinds are filtered out and trapped at the bottom. the coffee is ready to serve straight from the pitcher
if you like weak coffee though this may not be your thing as in my experience it has produced for me very robust and hearty coffee. just the way i like it.