ghostbusters was playing as the midnight movie at the inwood. i sit on the curb outside, pointlessly waiting to find out that all seven of the friends i invited are going to stand me up. while sitting outside i see a carload of cute indie/punk girls pull up and park next to my truck. each one cute enough to make me shiver. but three of them!? what's a lonely indie-kid like me to do? just keep on sitting there because it is impossible for someone that attractive to be interested in me, of course.

walking out of the movie i accidentally bump into one of them. appologies are exchanged. we go our separate ways. while walking away i notice her give me a very obvious second-glance. while getting in my truck i glance over to see another one of them fully engaged in what i would consider to be "checking me out" this is the point where looking back i wonder why the hell i didn't do something, say something, why am i so worried about embarassing myself in front of three girls that i'll likely never see again? hell, she saw the kool-aid man t-shirt, the little heart pin on the strap of your shoulder bag, your chucks are an even more abnormal color than theirs. you've got the good records pin to match the good records sticker on their car, both your vehicles even have the same mr. t experience sticker on them. they can probably even hear the cat power playing on your stereo, cody, you are in!

just one problem: i have a crippling fear of asking girls out

and i really don't want to be that guy. heh, i should stop this now as i'm about two years too late for teenage angst

i drive away, the thought of that same 30 mile stretch of I-35 back to denton, that same one i travel twice a day five times a week, is not pleasant to say the least. i go off on my own. adventuring. driving at night with the windows down. exploring abandoned back-roads and lonesome highways. look now look again, the wayward bus, distant plastic trees, and appropriately enough the charm of the highway strip all have time to play out before i get home. i get lost several times along the way, but then, that's really what it's all about anyway isn't it?