I don't usually do this, but I just(in the last eight minutes) had a dream that I'd like to talk to about. It was about maybe five friends and me. All these friends were 'made up', meaning that they had no resemblence to real life people. The only friend I knew for real was G****n . In a nutshell, all these people are in my house at one point or another. One of the girls is sitting on my bed with another boy and me. She is very pretty. I remember her heavy eyeliner, shoulder length hair, skinny body type, and dark, almost gothic outfit she is wearing. Her hair is up and she's wearing acceptable smelling perfume. The boy resembles a teenage white-bread straight off a magazine tommy hilfiger ad. Before coming up to my room, he has been very nice and respectful to me. We are happy and all looking at magazines. While my parents are out, it has come down to us three in my bedroom and the rest of the group downstairs. I get off the bed to light candles and make my room look happier, cooler. When I get back to the bed there is no room left on my bed for me to sit on. The girl is talking up a storm with the boy and I have become the third wheel. I go downstairs, annoyed, hurt, and angry. From this point my parents come home to my house and I use this excuse to kick everyone out. I no longer want any of these people in my house. Two groups are formed between my friends, the ones who leave without attitudes and the assholes. I run upstairs, happy to have a reason to kick the two off my bed, out of my house. It is obvious that they both fucked. He lies to her right, naked and spooning her back as she too is naked, lying in his arms. The bedsheets are red, and they are under covers. I only see the outlines of their undressed bodies. My room is in a shambles and they sleep quite soundly. I wake her up and tell her that my parents are home and that they have to leave. While they both dress, I try to be casual all of a sudden, telling first the girl to 'take everything and come downstairs'. Then I tell the boy the same thing. They are both irritated at me. The girl mentions something about me lying about where I was previously during the day. This only makes me angrier, and now I only speed up the process of kicking everyone out. On my curb, the two fuck buddies jump into a car and begin talking about me and how I'm a jerk. Some louder friends accost and mock me outside. A group of them tries to take pictures of themselves in front of my house. Group friend pictures that I'm not a part of. I kick them even FARTHER off my property and here's where it gets fuzzy. I lose sight of the hows and whys of what I'm doing, but the general idea is that I am now beating the SHIT out of the assholes. Especially that girl and boy. I repeatedly drop bricks on their faces, hit them with sticks, beat on them with my fists. There is no 'dream' warping of the violence. Nothing is toned down or made made into comedic slapstick. I beat on these people just like I'd beat on them in reality. I think people watch me(the friends that DIDN'T turn into assholes) from the curb and are scared and frightened about my temper loss. There is one part of the beating where one of the assholes runs from me and I follow/hunt him down. I kill him with a brick and suddenly have this vision of a popular men's magazine (Maxim-like, Gq-ish) being flipped in front of me. On all the pages where a young model man is in an ad, either to show off his clothing line or whatever, it is him, with broken face, knees, joints. Wherever I hit him basically. One thing I'd like to stress. In my dream, I had killed him. Without a doubt. I had never done that before in a dream. I wake up during this part, feeling scared, restless and ashamed.