A friend of mine wrote this. I think it's pretty rad.

I was in cutting class today and i got to thinking. How did hairstylists ever get the rap of being airheads? Any GOOD hairdresser has to know at least basic, if not advanced understanding of:

1. Geometry: The only haircutting technique that doesn't involve geometry? Two words for ya... SUPER CUTS. Get my drift?

2. Chemistry: Color molecules, Protein bonds, Chemical reactions. Do you know why dimethicone is used in so many hair products? I do. Please don't allow anyone that can't explain how the color works come near your head with a bottle. Trust me, you will be sorry.

3. Pharmacology: Yes, you got that right. Meds effect your head, not just your body.

4. Bone structure: Ever wonder how we make your fat face look so wonderful? Or why that one patch of hair on the top of your head sticks out more than anywhere else?

5: Dermatology: We need to know skin as well as hair. Imagine if you had an allergic reaction to a chemical? If I could only tell you how many times I have diagnosed skin disorders for people and recommended that they seek help from a doctor.

So, next time you get a good haircut please think about what the person behind the chair knows about their business. In European societies hairdressers are as highly respected doctors, plus they make a lot more money than their U.S. equivalents.

So, the moral of this rant: Be nice to a hairstylist, today!

by Lauren