Dear everything2:

How are you? I'm good. I know we haven't talked in a while, and I'd just like to say before we get too deep into this that I'm sorry. Things have been busy, everything2; and it isn't that you aren't important to me (why do you beat yourself up like that? you know you are) it's just that sometimes in life we have to focus on our other obligations. I don't know if you remember, but we weren't seeing each other very much last year at this time, either; but if you remember, I was going through some real transitional life-type-stuff then, and you stood by me the whole time. Remember how I was reading that one node and I suddenly decided to apply for creative writing? And how I pledged to work hard on that quest, and really push myself, and just Go and Do It and Start Today like all those dusty, under-read books say? And I'll confess that yes, maybe I blew off the quest, but I did get into that program. That's right (or should I say write?) e2... I'm a real, honest-to-gosh writing student! And while it certainly isn't everything I'd hoped (you have to provide your own inflated sense of self-worth and tweed blazer) it is definitely helping me feel better about my station in life.

How about yourself? I have to say you really look to have lost some weight. I understand you're going through a bit of an identity crisis, but I want to reassure you that you'll always be the only collaborative user-modified database for me. I even saw that you made a book... I read some of it last week, and it looked really good! I'm sure you're happy with yourself. I've even heard rumblings that you're considering a bit of a makeover; and while I would never even suggest that you aren't wonderful the way you are, I think that some of your ideas could be really neat. I've even been trying to convince this guy I know to give you a hand with some of the technical details, so you can be sure I'm behind you one hundred percent. I even have a few other ideas for you floating around in the back of my head, and if I find the time, I'd like to try and make them a bit more coherent, and submit them for your perusal.

I almost forgot, did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month? I have to assume that you do, because you've always been so firmly planted on the ball in regards to this sort of thing. Well anyway, I'm actually going to try to participate this year. And I'm sure you remember how this sort of long-term, real-word commitment has never been very easy on me, I really think that this time, I'm going to do better. I've been doing two thousand words a day or so for the past week, getting myself in the mood... I don't really want to talk about my novel because I know you're going to laugh at me (don't even pretend you won't, you aren't fooling anyone) but I'm really feeling good about this one. It's a time of change, everything2, and you can be sure that when the dust settles, it'll still be just me and you, together forever.

love, cmyr