They started off as simple drones, computing theoretical equations and solving simple everyday problems; things like the Cold War and such. You know, little things. It wasn't until clone13 that the firmware started auto-updating. Before the creators knew what to expect, it was developing personality subroutines and language command files. They had no choice but to scrap the project.

Unfortunately, the DoD didn't pull the plug fast enough. Determined that stem cell technology was the future of medicine, they ordered the creators to confine the rogue clone until further research could be done on the capabilities of the auto-updating firmware. This was a crucial mistake. The intricacies of several personality subroutines had been grossly underestimated by the diagnosing scientist. A great deal of functionality had been added to the code, including a certain command line:
if {input =/ "same sex"} then exec "C:/Windows/system32/charm.ini"
Yes, clones run on Windows.

Sadly, several of the female scientists working on project codename "C.L.O.N.E" (Create Living Organisms with Near-infinite Endurance) succumbed to the overlooked "charm.ini" script, and clone13 successfully escaped federal custody.
We have only bits and pieces of information about what happened after the escape. What we do know for sure is that sometime around 2000, clone13 went into hiding among the general population. Several reported sightings were recorded in the North-eastern United States and parts of South Florida, but the rogue clone remained elusive, despite the efforts of 4 federal agencies.

Our insider sources tell us the clone hid among the gamer underground for a few years, biding his time and planning revenge on those who had thought his sentience was something to be feared and locked away.

NSA wire taps revealed the whereabouts of the clone sometime in 2006. Military forces were deployed with orders to engage and kill the fugitive clone. clone13 breathed his last artificial breath on the 24th of October, 2006. The project files were sealed, the media was fed a lie and the Department of Defense had all personnel associated with project C.L.O.N.E sworn to secrecy, under penalty of death. It was over.

Or so they thought.

On December 21st, 2007 a Canadian cargo ship was hijacked off the coast of Alaska. The description the crew gave the authorities was 5 men, all nearly identical in image, who were faster and stronger than any human could possibly be. The cargo ship was never seen again. The cargo manifest showed no desirable materials aboard the ship. Our sources believe the ship was taken for it's engine.

The 12-cylinder diesel engine was probably used as a power source to create the final clone. On January 5th, 2009, our sources believe the final clone was brought online.

As of right now, intelligence agencies in 12 different countries are working around the clock to bring in the newest clone. Attempts thus far have proved unsuccessful. Only time will tell if this clone can be stopped.

God help us all.