I'd like to propose an idea - kind of an attempt to reconcile religion and science. You don't have to like it.

What if...

Adam and Eve really weren't the first two people on Earth. This doesn't have to mean God doesn't exist. You know that singularity that created the Big Bang? Infinite mass in zero volume? That was God. He set everything in motion way back then. He is God after all - he exists outside of our concepts of "time" and "space". So God set the universe in motion and let it all unfold. Billions of years later, the first building blocks of life (polypeptide chains and amino acids have been created artificially in labs) come together and we have the first living organism. Fast forward through another couple of hundred million years of evolution and the first Homo Sapiens are walking the planet. They are nothing more than animals, behaving purely on instinct. Except for Adam.

Adam was the first man to realize his sentience. He was the first man of thought and righteousness, and because of this, God made him a messenger to the rest of the humans of the time. He was told to go forth into the Garden and preach the word of God, which was no more than a few simple guidelines at that time, to those who would listen, but he was to avoid one specific tree.

This tree was not a literal tree that bore fruits of knowledge, but a family or group of people instead. He was told not to approach these people as they would show arrogance and would mock the word of God. Nonetheless, the rebelliousness inside all of us (the serpent) took the best of Eve and she convinced Adam to go and preach to these people.

Now I can't tell you exactly what happened in this confrontation, but Adam and Eve were both shamed deeply by its outcome. Perhaps there was some sort of dispute or scandal. Regardless, God told them to hide their shame and continue living their lives as pious humans.

I know it may sound different, but I believe this story to be the truth. This is not my own personal attempt to make religion work with modern science, but actually the words of much wiser and holier men than myself. I think, when we approach science with the idea of God in mind, and free ourselves from the strict definitions of "the Gospel" (which is actually a purely human concoction - see "Council of Nicaea"), we find that God is not at odds with science; rather, he is actually behind it.