I drove up to my house just to see my step-dad walking to the back of our house with his shot-gun. I get out of my car and walk to the back of my house. I see my step-dad shooting at a stray dog. I walk toward the chicken coops and see a worker killing the biggest turkey we own. I shake my head. I don't know why my mom has to have a turkey killed when there is one defrosting in the sink. I also took pictures of the turkey covered in butter in different positions. I decided to make a turkey porn site.

Family members on my mom's half show up and we all eat. Had a discussion about Catholicism and my aunt's wedding while we ate. My step-dad didn't eat with us. My parents have been in a bad mood lately. My dad sleeps on the couch. After washing all those dirty dishes, I decide to see the movie Unbreakable. My friend’s (redboot) 1968 Chevy Impala fails on us once again. I finally got home at 11 pm. A very [long day