Had the most weirdest dream about my deceased father. As soon as my mom woke me up I got on e2 and wrote about it. Before I knew it it was 9:05AM; I had to be at work in H&R Block at 9. I didn't care. It's not really tax season yet. I went into the kitchen got some Fruity Pebbles and ate cereal. I took a shower, got dressed, and sped to work.

When I got there noone had even realized that I wasn't there. That made me feel so important. I took my seat and went on with my day. Got out at 4. Dropped off this guy that had asked me for a ride. I think he wanted to ask me out but I kept on monopolizing the conversation. I then drove home to my wonderful mother. She asked me when I was going to have time to fix these 3 computers that some of my clients(different job) had left me a week before. Well, she didn't really ask, she more like told me to get it done. I got 2 out of the 3 suckers working.

I got the weirdest instant message on aim today. A user using aol ims me with the screen name "clearpebbl." My screen name is "clearpebbles". The first message they sent tells me that they want my "es." After some threats on their part, I block them and go back to reading nodes. A couple of hours later I get another message by user "earpebbles" asking me for my "c". I block them as well.

Went over to Thomas' house eventhough he's in the Navy. Heard the wonderful news by his mom that he will be down for Christmas from Chicago. I go into his room and lay on his bed and look under the bed hoping he'll pop out from underneath. He didn't. I eventually go home and my mom asks me why I'm not hungry. I just tell her I'm not when in reality I had eaten at Thomas' house.

Took Tosh(named after Andrew Tosh/Mojo jojo) out of his cage today. He's my lovely hamster. I introduced him to my little sister's new dog. Her dog didn't like him all that much. Now I'm here in my room all alone waiting to be imed by Nate(not e2noder). Nothing so far. I guess all good things come to those who wait, so wait I shall.