Had a weird dream where I killed my sister and had to throw her in a ditch. This is how it went:

I walk into my room and notice all these metal rods that make up some sort of device. On one end crumbled up pieces of paper were being added into this machine, and on the other end bricks of weed were coming out. I shrug and sit on my computer.
When I look into the monitor, I am all of a sudden looking out the window of my aunt's car. We're driving down this creepy road and we hear a bang. She stops her car and gets out to see if a tire blew out. The doors lock in the car. I try to get out but it's pointless. I sit there and wait. All of a sudden a see a figure slam into the front hood. I make the figure out and realize it's my aunt. She screams, " HELP ME! SHE ALREADY KILLED JOE!" (I really don't know a joe) I try to get out of the car. I can't. I see a figure behind my aunt, my sister.
She grabs my aunt by the throat. I close my eyes and when I open them my aunt is sitting in the driver's seat screaming, "WHAT DO WE DO?" (This all happened so fast and it was so confusing) I look around and see my sister standing in front of the car with a man in her hands. "SHE"S GOT JOE," screamed my aunt. Joe was my husband to be. My sister then grabs a knife and slits his throat. He falls to the floor. My aunt then appears next to him and my sister is next to me. I have a gun in my hand and my sister a knife. I see Joe dead on the floor and look into my sister's eyes. I don't know what to do. my sister tries to stab me and I move back. I look into her eyes and shoot. She doesn't die instead she cuts my hand. I shoot her again and again. I step out of the car.
I look down and I'm wearing a wedding dress red with blood. My aunt has my sister's body and asks me for help to throw the body off into a ditch. I walk towards my sister's body. I give her a kiss on her hand and throw it in the ditch. As soon as it hits ground, I wake up.

I woke up very confused and exhausted.