I never did meet my dad. He was murdered when I was young, but he did appear in my dream last night. This is how it went.

I'm in an airport waiting for my flight, and I see my aunt there. I go up to her and ask her how she has been. In my dream she isn't my aunt. She asks me if I was willing to fly to New York with them and I would be paid. All I had to do was carry her purse. I wasn't going to say no to this, so I tag along with her. My dad then appears. He walks towards us, he's my aunt's bestfriend. He asks who I am, and when my non-aunt answers he gives me a ]dirty look].
Suddenly we are all in a mall, shopping for silverware. I start looking around and see my cousin. I go up to her and poke her in the stomach. She turns around and socks me one in the stomach. We go at it and after I have her pinned to the floor, I decide I rather fly home to see who my real family is.
I go upto my reality aunt and tell her I no longer want her purse and just want to go home. She laughs and hands me a cinnabun. I walk away and as I see my dad, I stop. I look into his eyes and scream, "GET UP ALREADY!"

I wake up and realize my mom had been trying to wake me for quite some time. I didn't really care that I didn't talk to my dad. No sense in me thinking what life would be like if he were around. I have my mom. She's all I need, and I love her for all she has done.