I fell asleep while coding the game bridge...

I walked into my aunt's bedroom around 2:30 AM:
Why you still awake?
I can't sleep. This guy appears with blades as fingers; he scares me."
What does he wear?
A red and black stripped shirt. Is he the devil?
DAMN THAT FREDDY! This will be interesting.- I thought.
No, he's not the devil. Don't worry about it. Just close your eyes and go to sleep.
I taped her eyes shut and left the room. I called my brother and told him what had happened. He rushed over and we tied my aunt down to the bed and waited. An hour passed and she started moving around. I stood up and leaned over her body. She started mumbling, and I woke-up my brother. She started moaning and shaking. I jumped on her body and tried to wake her up. That catchy-scary-theme music started. I looked at my brother and we laughed.
Hmm..okay..I'm awake
NO! You hear that music. If you were awake we wouldn't be able to hear it. OH MAN! We can hear
it..that means...
My brother and I ran to eachother and waited for Freddy to pop-out. My aunt started rising, bed and all. I woke up.