I didn't have a dream, though this is what I would have liked to have dram:

I'm sitting on my bed in my room, staring at my wall. I hear a knock on the door. I lie down and when I open my eyes nate is staring at me. I smile and he burps. I giggle. I close my eyes and when I open them I'm in a strange bright room. The room has no corners, it's round with a huge windows on the floor. I look down at the floor and see clouds. I look up and see the ocean. I walk to the center of the room where a single red sofa stands. I lay on it and look down at the clouds. All of a sudden I feel hands rubbing my back. I look back and see nate staring at me with so much passion. This time I know better than to blink. If I blink he'll just disappear again. I stand there staring at him, my eyes getting watery. He whispers, "blink Mlady..I'll be here when you open your eyes." He knew my thoughts. I blink. He's still there. I stand up and take his hands in mine. I look into his eyes and I can see how happy I look. I begin to cry tears of joy. He touches my face, and I close my eyes. I can feel his breathe on my face. He gets closer and kisses my eyes. I wake up.