I turned into a monkey...
I'm sitting in the back of the bus, heading to some festival. Everyone is looking out the window except me, I'm looking foward. I see a man slit a little girl's throat in the front of the bus. I stand up and scream, "WACK IT...WACK IT GOOD!" (I knew I was dreaming. I don't really like seeing little girls get their throat slit)
We got off the bus and headed towards the festival. It looked similar to the Renaissance Festival I went to my senior year in highschool. I look around and see the guy from the bus killing more little kids. I decide to follow him. He walks into the food court and makes his killing rampage more known. People start running everywhere, screaming for someone to help them. I figure...why not help.
I jump on a tree and turn into a monkey. I swing from tree to tree until I get close enough to the killer. I swing by him and knock him down. Just then all these people attack the guy, kicking him and pounding on him. The monkey then disappeared into the forest. =)