When I was about to get into my car to drive home today, a notice a letter under my wiper. It read, "GUESS WHO GOT HEAD TODAY?!" I look around. I have no idea who could have written it. I get into my car and notice my Barbie Antenna Ball is missing. DAMN WHOEVER TOOK IT!
I drive home following redboot, and he drives into my house instead of going to his. We bum around my house, eat sandwiches. We then decide to watch Ninja Scroll, but before it actually starts playing, we decide to go rent some new anime instead. When we get to hollywood video I see some of my friends there. We mingle, and as I pull out of the parking lot, I almost hit a truck. It was so stupid of me. I need to be more careful. We get home and instead of watching the anime we watch Mangolia. I love that movie. Redboot then leaves and my mom makes me clean the restrooms. YUCK!