I've been asking myself lately..what do I mean to Nate? Sure I flew to Ny from Texas to see him. Where did it get me? He constantly ignores me. He calls me when he feels like he is losing me. I'm jsut lost. I feel isolated from everyone because of him. I really like him. I enjoy talking to him. the few times that i do talk to him my day gets so much better. We did have a fun time in ny. it was one of the happiest times of my life. We had a blast, and when we slept we did hold eachother in our arms and it felt perfect. He asked me to be with him. I said no, and later said yes. Now where are we? I think that now that he has me, he isn't interested. perhaps I need to move on, or wait for him to come around. Who knows?
That's about all I was thinking about today. I went to work with my mom. We went out for lunch. I also returned Juan his tail gate from out car wars. more to node later...

note: not e2 nate