I was drinking wine on the beach with jessicapierce, thefez, and the gilded frame the other night and we were having a discussion about dreams. I was arguing one point, and the gilded frame another. The content of each side is unimportant to this node. What happened was this:

I changed my mind. I saw the point of his argument, weighed it against what I felt I know, and found it compelling. I shifted my position.

Here's the problem. To me, this is a sign of being open minded, the fact that I was able to actually listen to what he was saying, and then agree seems to me to be a good thing. However, those at the table, under an expansive canvas of stars treated me like I had lost. Lost?

So the danger for any open minded person is being considered wishy washy. Rather than being admired for your strength of intellect you will be reviled for being weak willed. Keep up the good fight, don't let them get you down.