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More commonly known as ICPSR, this organization was founded in 1962 at the [University of Michigan]. ICPSR holds a world-reknowned [archive] of [social science] datasets, making them available to [scientists] in an effort to increase the capabilities of the research community.

To help in their mission, the ICPSR offers summer training for scientists in [statistical methods] such as [research design], [multiple regression], [ANOVA], and so forth. The classes are offered to help researchers apply new statistical techniques to older [datasets] in order to increase the understanding of the data collected there.

It is not well known that data from the [United States Census] has been deposited with the ICPSR for the past 30 years. ICPSR keeps information like this in two forms. They attempt to preserve the original [media], be they magentic tapes or punch cards, but they also convert the datasets to a format that can be imported by most [analysis] software. That data usually has attached an artifact called a [codebook], which describes metadata about the dataset, including the [constraints] under which the data were collected, the codes for the data, orginal formats and orginal study design.

More information about the ICPSR can be found at This [resource] is currently used by 400 [colleges] and [universities] across the planet.