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Where to begin? On the day I was born? Too cliche. Besides I wasn't a full-blown human being then. Just a small bundle of wrinkly flesh and delicately soft bones. The day when I was truly born is the day I realized I am a person separate from my parents. That was in my 12th year of living. It took me ten years more to realize that my parents were human beings with faults, ambitions, desires, and omissions like everyone else. You could say the worshipping was over.

But the second birth began when I viciously killed my innocence, and started developing cynical paradigms of how the world truly is. I used to look at the world from behind rose-tinted glasses. Now I look at it from clear 100grade thick eyeglasses. (I'm short-sighted.) No sweet embellishments, no sugarcoating, no tip-toeing around. Fear of rebuke and disagreements do not apply here. I say what's on my mind based on what I see, feel, and hear. Nevertheless I will keep my nodes clean of obscenities and biases. After all, I'm a reasonable intelligent person. I should be able to produce excellently done nodes to share with rest of the world. If that promise is not kept, then I assure you it wasn't me who posted it here. (Even if the name tells you otherwise.)