Long Island was named in 1614 by Adriaen Block of Holland, who after sailing around the island and mapping it for the first time, noticed the amazing length of the land mass. After the existence of Long Island was realized in 1609 by Henry Hudson while searching for an alternative route to India, the West India Company began to create settlements on the western half of Long Island. These settlements give the origin of one of the current regions of Long Island, their names were Breuckelen, Amerfort, Midwout, and New Utrecht. The eastern half of Long Island was given to the Dutch, with the signing of the Treaty of Hartford in 1650. Fourteen years later, the British colonies forced the Dutch to sign away their land. With this change in ownership, New Amsterdam became New York, after the Duke of York. After this change of ownership, the areas names were changed to represent various people in England, creating Suffolk, Queens, and Kings counties.

In the early 1700’s, the first signs of a constant ferry were shown, creating a far easier way to travel and communicate between the colonies. Due to the creation of this ferry, the settlements Southampton, Southold, and East Hampton were all close to the water to allow for easier trade. The people living in this area were mostly tradesmen who were mainly farmers, who farmed melons, tobacco, grain, and pumpkins. The other common professions were whaling and fishing, fishing for clams, oysters, and crabs. These industries began to boom along with the creation of the ferries allowing for trade between Long Island and the mainland.

During the American Revolution, New York was an important strategic point due to its natural harbor and existing infrastructure. The British forces, led by William Howe easily defeated the troops defending New York in the Battle of Long Island. Through the rest of the American Revolution, Britain controlled New York. Long Island was used by the British as a port and as a base for British soldiers until their defeat.

Long Island today is a combination of four counties, Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Brooklyn. Due to their size on Long Island, only Nassau and Suffolk counties are referred to when talking about Long Island.

There are many fun things to do in Long Island for both adults and children, from clubs and bars to museums and other attractions. I will break this area down into various categories of things which can be done in long island.

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Long Island also features some of the best golfing in the country, featuring the Bethpage Black course which will be hosting the 2009 US Open. There are many other rich and intricate courses lined with spectacular housing to keep you talking with your foursome about the area for the duration of your game.

Long Island Iced Tea is one of the most famous products to come from Long Island. It is an alcoholic beverage which tastes almost identical to an average iced tea. The ingredients in the mixed drink are:

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