One of the programs I would like to bring to this country, perhaps starting on a local level before having it very strictly enforced by the government, is one where additional portions that may be available at a family dinner are given to the wealthiest relations first.

Case in point, at Thanksgiving there may be extra slices of turkey and cranberry sauce after everyone has had a serving. For arguments' sake, we will say that because of the holiday we allowed family members, regardless of income, to have an equal portion. Now, in normal family dinners, of course, we would restrict portion size to the earning capacity of each family member. For example, if Uncle Ted made $450,000 running his company and investing well, and Cousin Peter only has some kind of government job where he makes $38,000 a year, Ted would clearly deserve more food at family gatherings. This is simple common sense, and something we've slipped up on lately, allowing our GPS to plummet from where it was in the past when this was adhered to. We could be putting up much better numbers.

Now, making this a federal law, with perhaps an amendment to the Constitition or similar document, we could enforce it across the board. We could dispatch military personnel to the homes of people during the holidays or other family dinners and make certain the rules are adhered to. If there is an extra piece of pumpkin pie, that piece by right should go to Uncle Ted. No questions asked.

By returning to these simple, and very correct, moral processes we can make this country a wonderful place to live in that wealthy people will flock to, helping everyone so much in the process by giving them three jobs with three masters to serve. I can't imagine a paradise more green.


* This and other details from my 2024 Presidential Campaign Platform will soon be available at the website a company connected to Google they have sort of agreed to set-up for me.