As the weather turns chilly, we are confronted with a question of some note. We are presented with a decision that must be made. Shall we begin wearing a blouse to bed?

The question splits along certain lines. Perhaps you have worn a blouse before to bed. Perhaps you have not. These are the two categories the lines split the pondering into. If you have done this activity before, you might wish to rely on past experiences. If you are contemplating this for the first time, there are things to consider. Some are as follows:

Selecting an Appropriate Blouse

The blouse selection is indeed important. I cannot stress this enough. Each of us has a different "feel" to our bodies, which is why I want to feel yours, but this also determines what style of blouse we will wear. Will we like a loose, billowy blouse? A skintight loverboy blouse? Or something in between? Some trial and error may be need to determine what works for you.

In addition to the fit, you also want to look at style. A harsh, stiff fabric will not likely be comfortable unless you are hard. Since most of you are as soft as overripe peaches, enough said. You can also consider wearing blouses you have worn already while nancing around town in your "way." Sometimes a well-worn fabric can be more comfortable in the sleeping. This is an opportunity for the stupid to continue to use a blouse after wearing it once. We who have millions just throw a blouse away after one use. That is what is proper.

Most of you are losers who live alone, and so how the blouse looks may not be important. Of course, if you do have a house guest or an lover from the Internet, you might want to choose a blouse that makes a statement about you or how you feel about different social matters.

Changing into a Blouse in Front of "The Boys"

One of the ways we tell people to get out and go back to their own homes is by getting ready for bed. In warm months you can just start stripping and then only the sluts will stay to service you, making for better sleeping. When putting on a blouse before bed, no whore will present themselves. Your "boys" will be very disappointed and will not only leave, they may not call again the next time "the game" is on. In this way you can have your solitude.

I hope this information is helpful to you. God bless.