I read on the side of a building in downtown Baltimore today while I was eating a tuna fish sandwhich that someone sprayed in orange spray paint "Fuck the guys who did this." That is the wackiest thing I ever saw in my entire life. I think that is as ironic as being a cleaning lady and going to the bathroom on the floor after you mop for seven hours which is part of a joke someone told me once that was funny. Not so much anymore because I don't retall jokes quite so funny expecially ones that involve curse words and peeing.

I think I had a pretty good day today though. Except for a couple things that upset me and maybe shouldn't have upset me except they did. This woman I work with was selling cookies she bought in the store to raise money for local victims of 9/11 and I didn't buy any so she called me a rude name. That is crazy and where will this all end? It will end in a big war is what it will end up in and buying cookies for someone in Baltimore who was related to someone in New York so they can get a new blanket is crazy talk. Then this other big loudmouth guy at work was walking around talking about Saddam Hussein and saying "Throw down. Throw down!" for about a half hour and laughing up a storm. This is bad stuff and I'm going to start doing some more praying especially since I missed church this week. People are getting nuttier by the every single day in this country and either their waving flags or their wanting a war or their selling something under stupid reasons. What is next to buy? Extra bacon bits on your caesar salad to pay for a plaque on the ground zero?

I thought I met a woman today where I went for lunch she seemed nice and we talked about model aircraft building and I've done my share of that both with balsa wood and plastic. I have fingers that are too big for the delicate work and they never looked the way they were supposed to but I tried doing my best to make it work. It is a good thing I wasn't building planes for Boeing or we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists. I'm a sloppy building which is why I got into collectables that are already built so I can just admire them and keep track of their value on the collectables market. This woman walked away after I gave her my business card and she put it in the ashtray near the door on the way out I know because I saw it in there when I left. I hope she knew I wanted a personal relationship and not to sell her something whcih you always wonder about when you work in sales.