I didn't go to church today. I usually go with my friend Dale and his wife. They are good people but sometimes they are a little too fake in the way they act towards people I know they don't care for. For example there is this couple at church that is a young couple and the woman has a pierced tongue. Dale thinks it is a horrible thing and that people with pierced tongues pierce their tongues so they can have multiple sex partner parties. There are probably people on this website who know more about pierced tongues than Dale and could set him straight I bet. I don't know where he gets that idea but he went on about it when we are on the car ride to the hospital after my knee injury. He seems to believe in that it is a signal to others in the underground that this person is willing to engage in group sex and I think he's crazy. Today I told Dale I was under the weather and was going to miss out on church today. I don't really know why I go to a Lutheran church anyway because I was raised Catholic and I mostly go for socialization and I've had trouble talking to the single ladies recently.

Although I was up later at night than usual working on some writing for Everything2 last night I woke up a 6 this morning and was making coffee and English muffins with marmalade by 6:20. I then put a record on so I could listen to "The White Cliffs of Dover" because for some reason it was stuck in my head. I imagined being a fighter pilot in England during WWII which I was born during and therfore wasn't old enough to be in but I wouldn't have been an English fighter pilot anyway because my father was born in Turkey and my mother was born in Italy. Both of my grandfathers were fighting on the losing side in WWI. However the stigma of that isn't as big as having been on the losing side in WWII and when my father moved to Germany after that war it was because of a offer to help with some project of some nature I am not aware of. I do remember when I was little and he took me to the Berlin Wall. He told me to be glad we weren't on the other side of it. He didn't like communists at all and now he's dead.

I've always had a dream of being a hero and getting a medal but it seems like I'm always identified with the bad guys. My grandparents started it I guess and then my father was involved in suspicious activities in Germany before the Americans arranged to have us move here. I guess it was because my father was doing something for him but I have no idea why he ended up working in sales when he came here instead of as a spy or something. It was very suspicious. Now because I am dark skinned and look Middle Eastern in nature people look at me like I might be a terrorist even though I have a smooth bald head and no facial hair and wear a suit instead of Arabic tunic. If I could be an English fighter pilot in WWII people would probably like me better and women would want to date me a lot just to hear my heroic tales.

Because I am so clumsy it would be difficult to be a hero I think. Clumsy people have been heroes and I think Winston Churchill was a pretty powerful hero who wasn't squeaky clean. He drank a lot and was fat but he was a great man so how come now all our heroes are supposed to be perfect good looking thin guys with lots of hair and perfect manners? I blame this on the movies. All the heroes in the movies are good looking except in smaller films but everyone sees the big movies. I saw the "Pearl Harbor" movie when it came out and I kept wondering how all of these pilots could be so good looking. Why couldn't one of them be really freaky looking with bugged out eyes and a lot of acne on his face. Then if he became a hero we would really have something good. Instead we get people who aren't as good looking as Cary Grant getting told they have to mop the floors while the pretty people get all the medals. I want a medal to. But I can't do anything to merit one so I think I'll have some brandy.