I wrote a letter to my congress person today. I think she is a woman but regardless everyone is now a person and thats okay as long as we don't forget that men and women are different physiogically and no matter how much we try to hide our sexuality we're still pretty much here to breed and look up to God.

I don't remember the contents of my letter but in brief they had to do with the fact that there is too much insanity in the government. I watch these people when I tune into C-SPAN when I'm really bored and have had a few cognacs (I hide the bottle in the closet under a radiator). They are senseless like robots walking around waving their hands in the air and they have absolutely nothing to do with me. They're robots. They aren't real. How do we end up electing people who start campaigning for office when they are six years old and they don't even develop real personalities because they have to mold themselves for public office because we investigate their private lives so much? I couldn't run for office because I once had anal sex with someone I just met. They would find out about that and then her family would know and I wouldn't be able to take care of their dogs on the weekends anymore which makes me feel good because I had to put my dogs to sleep.

When I was first able to vote I cast my vote for Nixon and he lost that election but won again later but what was he up to? Man that was some weird stuff he was doing in the 1970s even though he was actually a pretty good president and I still vote Republicans all the way I think he was doing a lot of weirdo things. So when did we start creating unstable wacko people to become policians? Are you telling me cloning is illegal and we just discovered it lately? Let us be real because these politicians everyone makes fun of are running things in the most overpowering country in the world. Why don't regular people run for office instead of voting? Isn't it time for a change based on the fact that the two party system was developed when they had to count voting by covered wagons and drawbridges took six to seven hours to go up and come back down causing needless delays in the electorate? Didn't one of Thom Jefferson's friends once say that eventually the Constitution would have to be revised to keep up with changing times because they didn't know what the future would bring?

I've read a lot of you people's strong sentimentality about the anniversary of the American tragedy these last couple days on my visits here. I remember many times in the history of this country that changed because people stopped caring and just settled for doing complaining all the time. Just like when a little toddler person goes poop in his pants and cries. Well if the toddler is big and smart like you then he scoops it out and puts it in the toilet or portolet or even a sink that no one uses anymore. There isn't any leaving it in the pants all the time but that is what more and more people do in this country. I see that guy the other day in these logs talking about 9-11 lunchboxes as a joke, but I expect to see them anyday because people purchase memories and feelings these days instead of feeling them for real. Feel something and do something about it. Sometimes I think a revolution would be more comfortable than watching another parade of people who don't care that they are voting for whoever just puts up the most cardboard signs and pulls a lever and goes to work because they think they are a patriot. If there is no one worth voting for don't vote at all or leave the ballot blank or tear it up in front of CNN camera crews. I almost threw up once when I heard one person and another person and so forth on the news saying they voted for the less of two evils. That is why America is going the way of the Roman Empire into decadance and apathy and soon the Vandals and Hunns will be here.

I need a drink.