Ordering and drinking a gimlet at a fancy hotel bar is probably the fastest way to increase your social standing amongst friends and less than closely related persons. Respect comes your way quickly.

What else can be said? I have had an emotionally trying day and I'm not going to mention that other thing that happened a year ago. Sometimes pain is personal. Sometimes people lead you on and then they really stick it to you. That isn't fair most of the time but it is the kind of thing we have to swallow. I just don't understand.

I am flying down to Orlando, Florida next month for a big gem and lapidary show that I am looking forward to. A lot of wholesalers will be there to peruse. This woman I have been talking to over the internet after finding her business website wanted to meet me. We exchanged photos and talked about all matters of things. She said she hoped we would be able to get together during my visit and I agreed to travel down a few days early so we could get together. For months we talked and now she sends me a vague and hurtful e-mail saying she doesn't think it will be a good idea to meet and implies I have something emotionally wrong with me.

She was a little upset I think when I told her I had to have my dog Baron put to sleep. She thought it was unjustified, but the vet recommended it even though there was nothing I could see wrong with Baron other than a slight limp. Then I think she was turned off when I told her that a friend of mine was a homosexual and I didn't think that was a problem. She seemed to think something was wrong with my friend, who I call "M" for privacy, because he left his wife and family after twenty years to get into a relationship with a man. She also seemed put off by the fact that this guy down at the stables has offered to give me massages to help with my back problems and I agreed and took off everything but my fruit off the looms and hot oils were used liberally. I guess she does lack and open mind but this just stabs me in the heart. She says she will not e-mail me ever again and doesn't want me visiting her website (even though it is a business website, not that kinky crap). She won't even explain why. More hopes and dreams dashed. Right in the toilet.

I am a middle aged man of Middle Eastern descent who grew up in post-war Germany. I've been through enough. Why can't people be real. Why are they always such loose screws that I can't tighten even with a torque wrench? I am a fool and I'm also bald.