I subscribe to a number of magazines. Because print media is the future, this is a sound investment I have made. I recommend that you also subscribe to print magazines at this time. Put down the computer, pick up the phone, and call magazine publishers today. Have them send you a "sampler."

That said, there is nothing quite as good as listening to a well hung industrialist talking about how he feels inside his body (emotions). Some of these men are so incredibly masculine that you start having cold sweats while reading articles in which they are interviewed, and interviewed are they EVER. They get right inside the man's body (emotions) and they bubble wonderfully to the surface. I get flush just thinking about some of the feelings I have read about masculine men having. There was one well hung industrialist they were interviewing in one issue and he talked about how he sometimes feels attracted to his own reflection in the mirror and can't help but touch himself "down there" while looking at himself in the mirror. Very moving stuff. Very real. Down to earth.

I don't know if you people like animal actors or not but some of them put on a show. They still ought to be shot.

Each issue of Masculine Feelings Magazine starts with a premise. The premise is that they will do interviews with and gossip about masculine feelings that well hung industrialists have. These are not namby pamby sissy boy type men. These are arrogant, cocky bastards with iron biceps and powerful thought waves that radiate out of them in nightclubs and some of the Starbucks franchises. They have feelings. In these pages you will read about them. That is the premise.

Are there pictures? Mostly there are drawings that are done by the well hung industrialists who share their feelings. Rarely are photographs shown as these are mostly notes stolen out of the offices of therapists around the country. They produce wonderful reading, and almost every "patient" has their name and home address listed, and some also list their place of business and the name of their immediate supervisor.

If I were you and I were looking to invest in print media and therefore looking to subscribe to magazines, this is one I would recommend. Unless you are on a diet. Then maybe a different magazine that will help you in that worthwhile endeavor. If you have enough money for two magazine subscriptions, then also get this one.

Investing makes better people of us all. God bless.