I would like to read some e.e. cummings books. Does anyone here have any e.e. cummings books? If you do, can you let me know. My name is Berhardt Goats and I am a famous columnist. People can speak for me.

How many e.e. cummings books do you own? Do you own more than one? Do you need more than one? How can you read more than one at once? Are you reading e.e. cummings books all the time? Send one to Behr, for I am friend. I speak for myself, just as e.e. cummings spoke for himself through his books that you are holding onto so tightly for some reason. What is it that makes you so uptight about e.e. cummings books that you can't free one up for a friend like me? What have I ever done to you? Was your friend one of the noders I killed at that cabin in the woods noder meet in 2007? I killed 3 noders that night, but I have stopped doing that, so please send me some e.e. cummings books.

Does anyone know how many e.e. cummings books there are? Are some beautifully written? Do others appeal only to a low-brow brewhouse audience? You can be honest with me here. We are old friends. What are a couple e.e. cummings books between friends?

Are you like this with all your books or just the e.e. cummings books? Are these like you Bibles or something? Let me tell you buddy, No one will ever buy as many copies of all of e.e. cummings' books put together as God did when he typed out that holy tome on the typewriters of Ancient Rome. That was long before anyone even thought about asking after e.e. cummings books. You cannot compete with that.

I know some of you are probably mentally ill and have reasons for clutching your e.e. cummings books so tightly to your chest like those ladies who clutch at pearls. Pearl clutching ladies is what I believe them to be called. What do you believe in? Do you believe you have a right to hold onto those fucking e.e. cummings books the way you do when other people have no e.e. cummings books within a fifteen mile radius because they are hiding out in a farm house from nefarious purposes.

The FBI seems to have re-opened its investigation of me, probably because of the arrest of Robert Miller who wrote that inflammatory Miller Report and the freeing up of his soldiers to come after me again. I have apologized for the atrocities I committed in the past. I made sincere apology many times, on this channel, everything2.com brand website and subsidiaries. I am hiding out and have a human head on a pole outside my hut to warn away potential threats. That head will not discourage the brave men and women of today's modern FBI.

Got to go. They are going to cut off the power again due to the helicopter sweeps.

My friends.