I know I have been away a while and you miss Friend Behr and wonder what he has been up to. I enjoyed my wedding and honeymoon with Trixie Horne, who is now known as Tricksy Goats as she is my wife and now I own her body and mind and can do anything I please with it or to it. So grateful to God for this opportunity. So much of her beauty will be peeled away with my flaying tools over the next year, but this is my right under both the Bible and the Declaration of Independence. Thank God for history textbooks from the Great State of Alabama.

Recently I was contacted by a non-science oriented and very mentally unbalanced man who works with veterans who have something called "PTSD" which I think is just shell shock but that's just me. This man, who was hired to run the veterans' administration by the President, my former idol Donald Trump after he fired the entire staff because he heard they were talking bad about him somehow (might be listening devices there). He actually found a cure and I am the only one who can provide it. What he learned through speaking to a doll in a toy store through which God was speaking to him was that if veterans with this shell shock problem, it could be completely cured by letting them do what is ostensibly known as "fucking me up the ass." Now, I only enjoy this because I am helping warriors overcome their cowardice so they can go fight more Injuns. I am still a member in good standing of the Straight White Men's Cultural Center of Outer Utica.

This is now taking up much of my time, so everything is fine with Friend Behr. I will get back to you when I know more.