It is Valentine's Day which is almost but not nearly upon us, except that the date of this writeup is on Valentine's Day because of different computer time. This is often when loved ones will buy gifts and accomodate needs of each other when they are together. Tacky couples of questionable sexual ability may get married or propose on this particular day. This is not exactly how one shows original romantic thoughts about each other. It is just very simply tacky. Christmas on the other hand always has Santa and presents for those who believe in Jesus or at least think about him from time to time.

I can be like the wise elder or bearded minister at a church or religion organization's summer camp at this time and begin to tell you the story about how my personal faith in romance and the Hallmark rubber stamp of love was lost in various sands of time.

I was married during a time period in the early 1970s through to the disco era and in fact a time when Chic had a top number one hit. It was in Valentine's Day of this year that I made a gruesome discovery not of the one hit wonder type and that is not a reference to Chic because as a band and not a clothing brand they had more than one number one hit and were popular especially with those who were putting cocaine, a subject like flour but with some different purposes, in their nostrils (the name for the hole in your nose).

It was not long after Christmas I made the gruesome discovery, a holiday in which my former wife, or spouse for those who are also thinking gay marriage is adequate for support of romance, gave me a nice watch and a number of shirts that I could wear to work. At the time of this gruesome occasion I worked in sales of high dollar amount vacuum cleaners on a door to door basis. There are people who think that sales is difficult when all you have to do is maintain good relationships with establishment customers who know you are coming. I present to them the case that making cold calls is much more difficult because what is involved is bothering people at a time which may or may not be their dinner hour. Often people fresh home from church will be the rudest, putting the needs of their family ahead of those of a stranger, unlike what Jesus tells them in The Bible. It is untrue to act in a fashion such as this when you have been to church within 48 hours. There was also a movie with Eddie Murphy that was named this, named meaning "48 hours" and there also was a sequel called Another 48 hours which was not nearly as good and now Nick Nolte has legal problems which may prohibit a third movie in the series at a time when sequels are so popular due to falling stats for imagination in today's world. Nick Nolte also was a starring character in Prince of Tides, in case you were looking for something to rent for a guys night in.

Getting away from myself, I shall return to the original thrust of my Valentine's Day message to you, like the wise elder or bearded chaplain I discussed at an earlier point in this particular writing. I was speaking primarily of my gruesome discovery which involved seeing my wife, whom I trusted with all my valentine's heart, with a man of not so questionable sexual skill, especially with his tongue. He was masterful in his ability and it showed in the facial expressions of my wife, who was quite beautiful when in the throes of pleasure, at least at that time because I am sure she has aged quite a bit and not well due to having too many lovers over a lifetime.

This was not long after a pretty good New Years party at my friend Dale's home, Dale being a pretty heavy churchgoer. I have gone a few times after that but since have grown distant from Dale due to flirtateous periods with his wife, especially within 48 hours of being at church, which is dead wrong. We were friends for damned near twenty years and then that flirting, which sometimes involved close personal physical contact, made us not act so much as friends anymore or visit with each other.

It went on for a while, this affair with my wife and the skilled sexual tactician. I would watch, sometimes only briefly and at other times more intensely. Sometimes it would bore me so I would merely glance at them during their lovemaking that was more passionate than her lovemaking with me, which had lasted one and a half weeks after we tied the knot. I thought perhaps she had lost interest in the personal mingling of bodies in a physically intense way but she apparently was in need of a more skilled sexual partner, especially with the tongue. She also was kissing a check out girl from the supermarket for one afternoon but it never went any further, unless I am unaware, which is very possible in light of the other things I was not aware of during the same time period.

On Valentine's Day I came home from shopping at a lumberyard (this was before Home Depot was popular although there may have been Home Depots at that time but not in our town until some years later) and they were going at it in a physically intense way. I tried to avert my eyes and pretend I had not seen, but because I tripped over his ankle on the way in due to lumber blocking my line of vision, it became improbable that I would be able to continue to act unaware of their physically and now also emotionally intense lovemaking.

We broke off into discussion groups almost immediately after it was clear to them that I was aware of their passionate desire to share bodies at a time when there was no need because of excellent heating in our home and it not being at all drafty because of various items I had bought and used in complimentary construction in order to eliminate the severe problem of winter draftiness. The first discussion group involved my former wife and myself and this discussion group stepped into the kitchen area (more of a kitchenette because our home was not big or grand depending on which you think makes the point better). I took a beer out of the refrigerator because I was both nervous and had dry mouth because of this particular experience I was having in my life, which was unlike any previous experience and many of you know what that is like. I opened it with a bottle opener because it was not a twist off (usually I drink Miller Lite but this was a foreign beer I was trying and I don't want to name it here because that would sound like an endorsement and I did not enjoy the product enough to endorse it without receiving a contract and some money for the trouble).

My wife (at the time, we are divorced now) explained to me that this had been going on for a while, and I made the confession that I had been aware of it for a while but had hidden my discovery from conversations with her (those I had aloud and not just in my head behind her back - and I don't usually talk behind people's back but at this time she was cheating on me so I had the right). She made the rude suggestion that I join them for a threesome but I was appalled by the idea (and slightly tittilated but I don't like to admit that). I moved out but also paid her expenses for living there for more than eight years after the final witnessing experience was completed.

It was on Valentine's Day that we made our confessions regarding having the affair and the witnessing of the affair. I don't know how long it would have gone on if I had not been awkward at that moment and tripped over her skilled lover's ankle. He may not have been as skilled as I suspected (based on what I witnessed during my witnessing) because then he would not have left his ankle in a place where an innocent bystander could trip over it.

I suggest to people that they be good to each other and if they are tired of each other for living together or having passionate lovemakings that they need to go different directions. It is a very special thing to be married unless you are not married to a very special person who doesn't need a different person with a higher level of lovemaking ability than you do. You can practice with a few prostitutes or escort boys before you take the plunge in order to hone your skills which may be a good idea. If you have questionable ability in physical expressions of love in the form of sexual lovemaking, then eventually your partner will want to get either a loose woman from the mall or a handsome stud with forearms that can effortless handle a little up and down push up action during this act. I am aware that there are men who do that due to my witnessing.

Happy Valentine's Day to people who are happy and suitable sexual partners for each other due to having been with whores.