There has been a lot of talk about eating babies in the chat area. When I put this together with the plethora of adulterous situations EVOLVING during last weekend's Nodermeet, I have to wonder what direction this cult is going in.

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Swilling, possessed psychiatrist (discredited).

One of the things I enjoy is seeing the star of a television show, who is playing a character, meet a celebrity and get excited. When the celebrity they meet is smaller in fame and stature than them, it is a source of incredible amusement. This might be something I do because I am a coastal elite. Are you a coastal elite person? Would you like to talk about it over coffee for eighty bucks? Call my secretary. I work out of my home due to being discredited.

So, a lot in the news today. Such matters. Such matters. My balls cinch up sometimes when I see what is going on in the world. Quite something. They cinch right up. Right up. I'd be happy to show you (with your permission) during your first appointment. I'll show you how they cinch up. Because they do. They cinch right up. When watching the news. On television. Cable.

I don't like seeing people treated like cattle. I see them out there in the streets being rounded up.  Into vans. Taken away. From my neighborhood. IN THE NIGHT. What is going on out there? I don't know. Mostly I am trapped inside with the rotting remains of Friend Behr after I used PARTS of him to build a human high chair that TENDER AGE CHILDREN can appreciate. An will they EVER appreciate it. Imagine eating your baby food in a chair made out of a dead body. Great stuff. Wholesome. Families. White.

People are suffering and struggling right now. The least we can do is look at celebrities on television and fork over our cash to them. They are the future. Not us. We're done. Celebrities are the future. We are fucked. So fucked. We really are. Give up. Give up now. Turn in your belongings to the Salvation Army RIGHT NOW ASSHOLE.

So many things on my mind. So many. But I am possessed. By the evil spectre of Berhardt Goats. He was experimented on by NAZIS and now I AM GROWING MY OWN X-MAN TYPE HAND. What am I going to do? Will I kill? Will I torture? Will I kidnap? I SURE HOPE SO!!!

Life. It is something to choke down. Come on, bitch. Take your medicine. Life. I'm cramming it down your throat. LIVE IT. LIVE IT NOW. MAKE THE BEST OF IT. We don't have a lot of time left. Especially with this weird he-man in charge. What the fuck? Who voted for this guy? When did this start going wrong? When did we get so lost. I'm choked up about it. I am. I really am. Call me for an appointment. I offer a sliding scale. Great rates.

You can pay by check at the door. My secretary is a very sexual man. Very openly sexual. Very much so. He sits in the parlor. He is mourning the recent loss of his grandmother. Cut him some slack. Show him a meager titty (because sweety - that's all you got).

Medically yours,

Dr. Peter Swilling