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"It is terrible to die of thirst in the ocean. Do you have to salt your truth so heavily that it does not even quench thirst any more?"
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It is an odd thing to write of one's own life, as if one had ever owned, possessed or so much as lived what one describes. I perceive that perception may be all that separates us from being one body, one mind, and one spirit. That we are the sensual receptors of a binary mind that channel’s filtered worlds of dynamics and contrast in it's collective spiral of what we have come to know as time. Although I believe time to be an illusion of the mind that makes change digestible and things more definable, boxes grow on trees, I am young. Balance is beautiful to the conditioned eye. It sways neither to the left nor to the right, hot nor cold. The element of the foundational structure of almost everything we have created that is deemed acceptable is built on the ultimate compromise. Life is a journey and a war; death is the result of the war, but simply the next step in the journey. Death is not the opposite of life. Birth is the closest thing we have to the opposite of death, but also its closest replica. Indifference is the ultimate compromise, and weighs nothing. Indifference is the closest thing we have to the opposite of life. Pride is the belief that we are masters of our own channel, that we are the source. This is perhaps the ultimate deception this world has to offer. It takes more than vibrating air particles to create music. Hypocrisy is the practise of weightlessness, uselessness and worthlessness; ultimately emptiness, hopelessness, purposeless and is beyond death. It is terrible to die of thirst in the ocean. Does one have to salt the truth so heavily that it does not even quench thirst any more? Live as one already dead. Run as someone already there. Learn as some who already knows, but does not nessecarily know they know. Because of such a stance on compromise it is surely no surprise that I have a monotheist belief system. I believe that there are many gods, but we created all but one. They are not in fact gods, but simply have the title of being gods. I believe that Yahweh stands above all other gods and is all powerful. I believe that we betrayed Him as a species and therefore must prepare to reep the whirlwind. We have however, through His immeasurable love and grace an opportunity to accept Him as our Lord and saviour, by asking His son to suffer the consequences for our rejection of His father. It's not a fair system, but one I hope to take full advantage of, and in return make myself a channel, which is my purpose, open to His thoughts, His actions and His words to flow into the world He loves so much. I am a singer songwriter, and I'm in a college band. I will however be looking for a new band, or at least a few different members when I leave. However, I am for now and perhaps forever, just struggling along, trying to do what I want most.

I'm 22.
6'3 (191cm)
Blue eyes
Auburn hair with blond highlights.