Luscious Jackson, the basketball player
Luscious Jackson played for the Philadelphia 76ers in the 60s.

The End of Luscious Jackson, the band
Luscious Jackson played their last concert March 10, 1999. They have officially disbanded (amicably) after 8 years together.

The Albums
Their four albums, on the labels Grand Royal and Capitol Records, are (from most recent to oldest) Electric Honey (1999), Fever In Fever Out (1996), Natural Ingredients (1994), and In Search Of Manny (1993).

The Members
The band originated as Jill Cunniff (bass & vocals), Gabrielle (Gabby) Glaser (guitar & vocals), Kate Schellenbach (drums), and Vivian Trimble (keyboards). Vivian left the band after Fever In Fever Out.