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Born: 11-30-1974

I am proud to have eponymous as my mentor!

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"But plans are one thing and fate another. When they coincide, success results. Yet success mustn't be considered the absolute. It is questionable, for that matter, whether success is an adequate response to life. Success can eliminate as many options as failure."
----Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls get the Blues

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Sometimes, often even, we human beings totally miss the obvious. If you aren't part of our species, you may find yourself above such oversights. But for those of us who do belong, even the most resourceful such as I, we send out our little cries for help, hoping that it will not take God's will to grant us the knowledge with which we seek to enlighten ourselves, even though in reality the thing we seek is as plain as the shit you just made in the toilet.